Nursery Toys - Starter Package

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Baby Rocker
Lanky Cat

At GummyBabies we know the excitement of preparing for a new baby, but we also understand that the cost can be a big factor. So to help you, we've created this awesome package of toys which are just perfect for starting your nursery.

The Nursery Toys - Starter Package includes the your choice of either the Kambah or Tambo Baby Rocker with a Whoozit Orbit Teether and your choice of either Ziggie or Goldie, the Lanky Cats.

Baby Rocker - this is one of my essential baby items. It is so convenient to put your baby in when preparing dinner or even trying to shower! You can have your baby entertained yet near to you, and continue to watch over them, whilst getting on with all you need to do.

Whoozit Orbit Teether - the Whoozit toy line has been around for a long time and is popular with celebrities for good reason. This is an awesome, colourful teether.

The Lanky Cats - no nursery is complete without a stuffed toy (or two, or twenty)! And Ziggie and Goldie are so soft and cuddly!

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