Silicone Necklace and Amber Necklace Special

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Silicone Flat Bead Necklace
Amber Necklace

This is the perfect combo that allows the amber necklace to be the constant pain reliever and the silicone necklace to be worn by mum. 

Product Description

Baltic amber is one of the oldest and most esteemed types of amber available. genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces are made in Lithuania, using polished Baltic amber which is smoother on the skin, meaning no irritation.

Rhymes with Orange is a mama necklace, funky and stylish enough to wear all day. Made from soft silicone. London by Rhymes with Orange is perfect in it's simplistic design of oval beads that hang at just the right angle to look bright and funky on you.  Rhymes with Orange has a range of bright colours to choose from. Get one for yourself or this will make a fantastic gift for a mum.

Please wash in warm soapy water before first use.

*Important Notice - None of our silicone or amber products are toys.  Silicone necklaces are to be worn by an adult . Amber necklaces are not designed to be chewed on or played with.

Product Details

Materials Silicone Necklace - Food grade non toxic Silicone
Amber Necklace - Genuine Baltic Amber
Size Silicone necklace - 76cm
Amber necklace - 31-32cm
Colour Silicone necklace - Grey, Pink, Purple
Amber necklace - Honey, Cognac, Cherry, Multi
Safety Silicone Necklace - Food grade non toxic Silicone
Amber Necklace - Each bead is individually knotted (for safety) and the necklace fastens with a plastic safety screw clasp. Should the necklace break the beads will not scatter. Should any pressure be applied to the necklace the special plastic safety clasp has been designed to break open. We personally check every necklace prior to shipping them to you.

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