MAYA Play Gym


The MAYA Playgym is a soft comfortable play mat with gorgeous overhead play gym which has 5 soft toys. The Play Mat is made from soft material, great for your baby to lie back and look up at the cute toys, or spend some time on their tummy working on developing those muscles!  

The MAYA Playgym is a versatile playgym which can grow with your child - use it as a playgym when your baby is young, then transition it to a playmat as your baby grows. The Playgym contains five toys which can be moved around and the playgym is easy to disconnect from the playmat. The soft material of the play mat means it is a great place for your baby to lie entranced with the playgym, spend quality tummy time or sit and play with toys.

Product Details

Assembled Size 85cm long from head x 80cm wide
Assembly Simple assembly of play gym over play mat

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