Top 8 Best Toddler Furniture & Gift Ideas

Top 8 Best Toddler Furniture & Gift Ideas

Whether you are buying for a friend’s baby, your niece or nephew, or your own little ones, buying a present for a toddler should be a fun experience, and one that allows you to really hone in on the little personality that your tiny person possesses.

All toddlers have different personalities. You know it, and so do we, which is why, no matter whether your toddler loves digging in the dirt, sipping babyccinos, or drawing for days on end, we have something to suit.

So stress no more about what to buy your toddler, and get ready to find the perfect toddler gift ideas, right here.

1. Akuna Metal Bed

kids beds

What’s better than a toddler that doesn’t throw tantrums because they are so well-rested? Um...nothing. Which is exactly why the Akuna Metal Beds make the ideal gift for your toddler. This firm favourite comes in five different colours, and gaps comply with the Australian Cot Standards to ensure your toddler is safe and sound when sleeping peacefully through the night. Excellent value for money, and the option to purchase with or without the mattress; this is a sure favourite among parents when their child’s rest is of the highest importance.

2. Bunyip Table & Chairs

kids play table

Whether your little miss or mister loves to draw, play, or eat, the Bunyip Table and Chairs is there to do the job. Perfect for toddlers, all the way from 2-6 years old, you can guarantee good memories will be made at your Bunyip Table. Whether your toddler’s love for bright colours, or your need for something that suits the home interior, is the focus; there’s something for everyone, with the option to mix and match to suit whatever it is you’re after, making it the ideal gift for your toddler’s next present.

3. Bed Linen

Kids Bed Linens

As small as they are, the little bodies of toddlers come with BIG personalities, and there is no better way to express who your toddler is than by allowing them to have a room they love. And what better way to do that than by decking out their bed with a bedspread and sheet set to match? There is nothing more important than making sure your toddler’s bedroom is a true expression of their big personalities, and whether they love being sporty, getting outdoors in nature, or feel pretty in pink, we’ve got the perfect bed linen for your toddler.

4. Bean Bags

Kids Bean bags

As a kid, was there anything you loved more than plonking down in your bean bag for a movie night? Give the present that will become part of so many memories and family movie nights to your toddler with their very own Bean Bag! Our Bean Bags are durable, lightweight and will last years, taking them through from toddler to teenager; from episodes of Paw Patrol all the way through to plonking down after school soccer practise. Choose from our durable Cord Bean Bag or stylish Faux Fur Bean Bag to suit both home and toddler preferences alike!

5. Teepee Tent

Kids Teepee tent

What’s not to love about a Teepee Tent? Give your toddler the perfect gift to spark their imagination, the ideal hideaway space, and the best place ever to have an afternoon nap; a Teepee Tent! Whether your toddler loves to get lost in their own imagination, curl up in a safe space that is just their own, or you want to lie in there together and read a book, there are hours of fun to be had inside your Teepee Tent when you give it as a gift to your toddler for their next birthday, Christmas or special day.

6. Lower Case Letter Puzzle

There is nothing more important with a toddler than making sure their brains are learning and they are always stimulated. Helping them to grow their minds is crucial in their development through life, so what better idea for a present than to give them something that is fun, but also helps them learn? The Alphabet Puzzle comes with easy-to-use letters that are nicely raised and come in a large array of bright colours; perfect for learning letters, colours, words and developing their cognitive skills.

7. Children’s Play Kitchen

Have you got a little Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson on your hands? If so, then your toddler is going to love the present that is going to allow their imagination to run wild as they make you all kinds of soups, cookies, and other yummy things up in their very own kitchen. Complete with cooking accessories, interactive features, and storage for all their toys and books, your toddler will be a mini chef in no time!

8. Children’s Square Sandpit

Create hours of fun for your toddler by making their next present one they can play in for years to come - a sandpit! There is nothing like building sandcastles, digging with the dog, and burying some of mum’s best spoons (hey, they could easily be mistaken for spades!), when it comes to making memories. So, give the gift that will keep on giving endless hours of good times, the next time you’re looking for the perfect present for a toddler.

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Here’s to Happy Healthy Babies & Happy Healthy You!

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