Our Top 7 Nursery Best Sellers and the Reasons Why

Our Top 7 Nursery Best Sellers and the Reasons Why

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect baby shower gift for new parents, or you’re looking for inspiration to create a beautiful nursery for your very own baby, we have all the most popular baby products and nursery furniture items in stock for you. To help make it easier to design your own home nursery, we’ve put together a list of our bestselling nursery items.

nursery room

A great way to be sure you’re buying practical, high quality nursery items and baby gifts is to trust the experiences of other parents. These best-selling baby essentials have been tried and tested by Australian parents, so you can be sure you’re buying the very best for your special little one.


1. Cot and Mattress

Kids Cot and Mattress

Your baby’s cot and mattress is one of the most important selections you’ll need to make for your home nursery. You’ll love our popular Kyogle Cot from Mille Kids. Available in both natural timber and classic white, this sturdy, modern cot is the perfect place to start when designing a home nursery. Made from gorgeous New Zealand pine, the Kyogle Cot is a stylish addition to any baby’s bedroom.

The Potoroo Cot Mattress makes use of the latest technology to deliver a super comfortable and easy-clean pocket spring baby mattress. With a total of 364 steel pocket coils inside, and covered with a quilted polyurethane foam and soft, knitted fabric on the outside, this popular baby mattress will help your baby get a good night’s sleep. Our new parents love the affordable Kyogle Cot and Potoroo Mattress combo! This budget friendly baby cot and mattress is one of our top selling nursery items.


2. Nursery Starter Package

Kids Toy & Cot


This fun Nursery Starter Package is a great way to save money by buying a few essential baby gifts in one cute bundle. With feedback from happy parents, we’ve put together our most popular Whoozit baby teether, a gorgeous cuddly Lanky Cat stuffed toy, and your choice of Baby Rocker. Before you know it, your newborn baby will be grasping at toys and having fun in their rocker! Both the Kambah and Tambo Baby Rockers are ideal for baby’s nursery – they’re safe and comfy, and come with adorable hanging toys to entertain your baby. And the colourful Whoozit Orbit Teether is sure to be a winner. This stimulating baby toy comes with four textured teethers to help soothe those sore gums. For new parents, this is a smart way to get a great price on everything you need for a happy and healthy baby.


3. Swaddle

baby swaddle

A snuggly baby swaddle is the secret to a happy baby. A well-designed baby swaddle helps to soothe and comfort a newborn baby by recreating the sense of being snuggled in the womb, or being cuddled up in Mum’s arms. This popular SwaddleMe Original Swaddle set is made from soft, 100% natural cotton and comes in a fun Sketchy Safari animal print. They’re washing machine safe, but with this handy pack of three swaddles you’ll always have a clean one ready to go. Best of all, this SwaddleMe baby wrap has been designed with a handy harness slit to make it easy to transfer a sleeping baby between the cot and car. It’s no wonder this Swaddle gift is one of our bestselling baby products!


4. Memory Foam Baby Feeding Pillow

baby feeding pillow

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has lots of advice when it comes to helping mum and bub find the best way to feed comfortably. For many women, a comfortable baby feeding pillow helps to maintain a good posture while feeding, while also helping baby to relax. This practical Baby Feeding Pillow is made from a supportive, high-density foam with a removable easy-wash cover, and a handy side pocket for storage. This is an essential baby item to have ready to go even before baby is born. Set yourself up for success and have your Baby Feeding Pillow packed in your hospital bag ready to use with your newborn.


5. Adjustable Rocking Recliner

baby feeding chair

If your baby is not one of those rare creatures that miraculously sleeps through the night, chances are you’ll spend a lot of time in a nursing chair. The Adjustable Rocking Recliner is our most popular baby feeding chair for the nursery, and we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do. This beautifully cushioned chair comes with an ergonomically designed backrest and an adjustable footrest. Plus, its stylish birch timber frame and choice of black or beige cotton fabric means it will look great in any room in the house.


6. Kids Bookshelf

kids bookshelf

Every nursery needs a bookshelf! And this front facing, pocket style Kids Bookshelf is ideal. Made of durable MDF in a simple white painted finish, this affordable bookshelf is great for kids of all ages. The pockets make it easy for a young toddler to see the front of their favourite book, and the sturdy design means it’s safe for early walkers. It’s no wonder this great bookshelf is one of our best-selling products.

7. ZAZU Baby Nightlight

kids room night light

The ZAZU Nightlight with Lou the Owl is more than just a simple nightlight. This clever nursery light is voice activated, and will fill the room with a gentle warm glow if baby wakes during the night. A timer lets you set the nightlight to turn off once baby is asleep, but ensures you don’t need to go stumbling around in the dark if baby wakes overnight. This adorable baby nightlight is a cute way to decorate the nursery, and makes the perfect baby shower gift to welcome a new baby.

At GummyBabies, we love helping new parents to prepare their home nursery, and we want you to enjoy every moment with your newborn baby. We hope this list of our most popular baby products and nursery furniture items helps you to create a relaxed and nurturing environment for mum and bub to share together.

With friendly customer service, fast delivery, and our low-cost, flat rate shipping to 90% of Australian residents, GummyBabies makes it easy to find all of this season’s most popular baby products at the best price. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our special promotions.

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