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Baltic Amber Pain Relief


Baltic Amber Pain Relief

Have you ever seen or heard of Baltic Amber being used for pain relief?  If you haven't, then you soon will because the soaring popularity of this natural yet miraculous product will be hard to ignore. The use of Baltic amber necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry, is now being recommended by real people for pain relief purposes.

Baltic Amber is known to have the qualities of a natural analgesic (which means it can ease pain) and is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it's safe, it's natural and it has no side effects. In fact, nowadays, many people are especially employing Baltic amber necklaces for soothing teething and gum pain in toddlers or to calm and relax them.

Baltic Amber Pain Relief

How it Works:

Baltic Amber is sometimes wrongly considered a gem, when in fact it is a fossilized resin. Since it is resin, it has natural minerals locked inside of it. One of the many particles present inside amber is succinic acid. Succinic acid is what gives this colored rock its amazing properties.

When a person wears a Baltic amber ornament, the amber starts slowly releasing this succinic acid, which is absorbed by the skin, and then the magic happens.  The warmth of the amber against the skin and the fact the amber is over 40 million years old plays a big part in this phenomena.  Obviously the closer the amber is to the affected pain area the better chance you have of it helping.  People report the body becomes calmer, less irritable and of course the pain diminishes. Oh and what’s more? It doesn't have any side effects! What more could you ask for?


With anything natural you will always have a number of vocal skeptics that cling to the research and studies carried out on in some cases live animals that prove that their pills, creams, or liquids will help with any problem you may have.  Skeptics obviously have their place, but you have to question a skeptic’s background when looking at what they say.  Skeptics are often doctors who have spent 5 years training and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their degrees.  Doctors are not taught about natural medicine as they are focused on products that are manufactured by drug companies that can be patented and profited from.  Unfortunately doctors will normally always send you away with a pill or potion to cure the ailment but when do you ever hear them try and treat the causes? – While we would never ignore a doctors advice if you have the options to try a natural remedy why wouldn't you? You really have to ask yourself why there is so much animosity against using natural remedies?

Here are a number of reported benefits of Baltic amber for pain relief:

Neck stiffness and pain

Hay fever

Anti inflammatory properties, used by arthritis sufferers  

Teething pain in babies

Eczema in infant and adults

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*Note always see your doctor first

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