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Amber Necklace for Asthma


Amber Necklace for Asthma

If you have ever had asthma you will know the feeling is horrible.  It’s a feeling of restriction in your chest and a lack of air getting to your lungs.  Despite millions of dollars being spent on research the main method of prevention is as always a chemical from a drug company.  In most cases you are given a puffer and a steroid is released into the airways.  This steroid opens up the lungs and allows you to breath again.  Some doctors prescribe the use of this daily or even twice a day.  But the use of steroids in young people is not a long-term solution.  It simply treats the symptoms not the problem.  The human body is also incredibly adaptive and will often simply reject the drug.  Then they will need to prescribe higher doses to have any effect.  You start to get into a vicious cycle.

Amber Necklace for Asthma

Natural Alternatives for Asthma Control

Baltic amber has long been used in ancient Europe for it’s medicinal properties.  But it’s only recently that people have started talking about its use in helping asthma sufferers.  For those that have asthma they will know the feeling of restricted airways and the wheezing you get in the throat and chest.  Baltic Amber worn around the neck of the child or adult has a calming effect and this can aid the flow of oxygen through the lungs.

In addition to this you can look at factors that trigger asthma and try to avoid or reduce these instances.  Triggers include:

Dust – Dust has been known to trigger asthma.  Make sure the house is vacuumed regularly and dusting of household items is maintained. 

Beds and linen – Dust and dust mites have been known to accumulate in beds.  Ensure you air matrices’ and change bedding regularly.   Animal down in pillows and duvets (donnas) such as goose or duck feathers has been known to trigger asthma.  Make sure all pillows are hyper allergenic.

Exercise – While exercise is always advised.  Exercise late at night and in colder temperatures often triggers an attack.  If possible try and avoid this time to exercise outside.

Flowers and Pollen – Springtime while beautiful is often an asthma suffers worst season, this is due to the pollen in the air caused by flowers opening.  The pollen can trigger hay fever and also asthma.  This is hard to avoid but perhaps having windows closed during drives and air conditioning switched on can help.  If you have known plants and trees in your property try trimming them early in the season.

Why Buy a Baltic Amber Necklace?

Natural alternatives to drugs should always be tried first as a long-term solution to aliments.  While drugs seem to work immediately the long-term damage to your body never seems to be considered. A genuine amber necklace for asthma contains around 8% Succinic acid, which is the active ingredient that is widely regarded as the main reason Baltic amber works.  The warmth of the amber next to yours or your child’s skin can also be a reason for the throat to loosen and relax, improving airflow and reducing asthma symptoms.

Next Steps

You should always see your doctor initially for asthma symptoms.  You should consider an amber necklace for yourself or your baby as a long-term natural solution in addition.  Asthma is often an aliment that you or your child will grow out of but managing it can be the difference between a healthy active lifestyle or a sedentary one a prisoner to asthma.

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