How to Swaddle Your Baby –


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How to Swaddle Your Baby


How to Swaddle Your Baby

How to Swaddle Your Baby

What is Swaddling?

The practice of swaddling has been around for hundreds of years. Dating back to 4000 BC the Ancient Greeks and the Romans both swaddled their children.  Experts believe that swaddling recreates the cosy, calming environment of the womb.

The finely woven breathable fabric called Muslin is believed to have got its name more than 6000 years ago from the ancient city of Mosul which is where it was reportedly first produced. This city is now the modern day Iraq. The ancient Egyptians also used muslin to wrap their infants and mummies.  Muslin is perfect to use for swaddling as its stretchy weave allows it to have a “natural give” which allows you to snugly tuck it around the baby without being too restrictive.

Every mother wants their baby to be comfortable but above all sleep soundly throughout the night. Swaddling with Muslin enables the baby to sleep more peacefully by preventing spontaneous movements called the startle reflex.

Muslin is a lightweight material that allows air to naturally circulate around the baby’s body, preventing baby from overheating. Cotton muslin’s natural fibre also stands up against repeated washing by becoming softer and better with age.

 “Swaddled babies sleep more peacefully and for longer periods of time than babies who are not swaddled” Raegan Moya-Jones - Chief Executive Officer - Aden + Anais

When to Swaddle

It is best to start swaddling your baby from birth. Most babies will happily continue to be swaddled to around 4 to 5 months. I would suggest you start making the swaddle less restrictive as they get older this way your little one can bring one arm out slowly without too much disturbance to their sleep. It will become a gradual process of one arm out then two and soon you will be able to move them into a sleeping bag.

Layering is important especially at night time. The ideal room temperature in the nursery should be around 18 degrees. Dress baby comfortably in a cotton singlet, cotton sleep suit (long sleeve or short sleeve in summer). Wrap them using the Muslin Wrap aden + anais are large enough to use from newborn right through to 6 months +.  In cooler weather you may need to also use a cotton blanket for extra warmth.

Some babies like to have their arms by their sides and others will bring them across their chests. Try a few different ways to see what suits your baby. Your little one should feel secure and safe, this will help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Happy healthy babies and happy healthy you.


How to Swaddle your Baby - A Guide By aden + anais 


Celebs Using aden + anais Swaddles


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