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Help Children & Help the Planet with Organic Toys


Children are our future, and it's vital to protect them from being exposed to toxins as much as possible. Organic toys for children are a great way to do so. The difference between these eco-friendly toys and conventional toys is that the eco-friendly toys are usually made out of wood and cloth that is dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. Conventional toys, on the other hand, sometimes contain toxic chemicals in small amounts due to the manufacturing process used to create them. These small amounts of toxic chemicals can still be incredibly dangerous to children!

Toys made from organic material are also great for the environment, as they are created in sustainable ways using pesticide-free cotton and wood from organically farmed trees. Toys made from organic plastic are made using plastic from sugarcane rather than from petroleum. This is much more sustainable since sugarcane grows back, whereas oil is a limited resource.

Organics for Little Kids

Purchasing organic toys for infants and toddlers is particularly important. All parents know that children in these age groups often put toys inside their mouth to chew on them. Manufacturers of conventional toys sometimes use harsh chemicals and irritants to dye and shape toys; these chemicals can potentially be toxic to young children. The chemicals in conventional toys can also sometimes cause irritation to a child's developing skin, which is a problem that is averted with toys made from organic material.

The Dangers of Plastic in Toys

Every once in a while news stories are released about plastic toys sometimes containing harmful compounds that cause harm to children, so they need to be recalled. With eco-friendly wood and cloth toys, this risk can be avoided. If a child manages to swallow a piece of a plastic toy -- even if it poses no choking hazard -- it can cause damage to the child's digestive system. Plastic compounds that leach out of the plastic while it's in the digestive tract cannot be easily eliminated by the liver or kidneys, and often circulate around the body for years.

These plastic compounds from petroleum-based plastics are known to be carcinogenic in both children and adults! Toys made from organic plastic do not pose the usual risks of conventional plastic toys. In addition, they are biodegradable in landfills, making organic plastic toys better for both children and for the environment.

Wrapping It All Up

Overall, organic toys reduce the risk posed to children by carcinogenic petroleum-based plastic toys, pesticides from cotton toys and formaldehyde from wooden toys. As a great addition to that, they're also much better for the environment than conventional toys since eco-friendly toys are made in sustainable ways. Purchasing toys created from organic sources is a way to keep children healthy and a way to show love for the environment.

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