7 ‘must-have’ baby furniture & products for happy babies

7 ‘must-have’ baby furniture & products for happy babies

Every parent wants the best for their children, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to know what products are going to be the best for their needs as well as yours. After all, not only do you have to cater to their physical requirements, but their educational ones as well. As a result, being a parent of a baby can be very overwhelming.

 When it’s time to go shopping, consider any of these seven ‘must-have’ products below. Available from baby product supplier Gummy babies, you can rest assured that any of these items will tick all the boxes for both you and your baby’s needs.

 1. Kyogle Cot

Creating a nursery for your baby can be an exciting time – especially if bub is making the transition from your bedroom to their own. If you’re in the market for a stylish cot, then it’s worth checking out the Kyogle Cot which is available in 3 popular colours. With a modern and sleek look and an affordable price tag, it could tick all of the boxes for both you and baby. What’s more, it meets mandatory Australian standards for safety for parent peace of mind, while being easy to assemble.

2. Potoroo Cot Mattress

Potoroo Cot Mattress

Choosing a new mattress for your baby’s cot can be challenging. After all, there are so many varieties from which to choose. However, if you want a mattress that supports your baby through every stage of growth while being comfortable as well, then look no further than our 'Potoroo' Cot Mattress.

This quilted polyester mattress with polyurethane foam and pocket coils is the epitome of quality as well as being tailor-made for all Gummybabies-supplied cots. You can benefit from knowing the mattress is durable, offers excellent edge support for a safer night’s sleep, as well as being made to last.

3. Bumbo Changing Pad

Bumbo Nappy Changing Pad

There can often be an art-form to changing a wriggling baby’s nappy, but the entire process could go smoother with the addition of a Bumbo changing pad. This pad is not only easy to clean, but it’s also soft, comfortable, and has a restraint belt as well. Additional benefits include the ergonomic shape and contoured support while being designed with your baby’s health and comfort in mind. What’s more, it’s entirely portable for parent convenience. Whether you’re going on holiday or just out for the day, your Bumbo changing pad can go wherever you go.

4. Richmond High Chair

Richmond Baby High Chair

When your baby is ready for solid foods or to join you at the table, a high chair is essential. This Richmond high chair can more than help meal times go smoothly. It’s height adjustable, the seat tilts in different positions, and it includes all the safety components you require to let baby sit in it safely. All parts are also easy to clean with a snap-on tray top, and this can detach for when he or she joins dinner time at the table. Once mealtime is over, you can then fold it away for use at a later time. When you’re a busy parent, having a convenient high chair such as this one becomes all the more important.

5. Baby Rockers

Baby Rocking Chairs

When our parents and their parents before them invested in rocking chairs for the nursery, they were onto something great. The gentle rocking motion is helpful for new mums to promote a sense of calm and encourage sleep. Therefore, the invention of a baby rocker was the next best step. Both Kambah and Tambo baby rockers are the perfect accompaniment to your nursery when you need some hands-free time for other tasks.


The gentle rocking motion of the traditional rocking chair has been carried on through to these baby rockers with the addition of a comfortable reclining seat, hanging toys for stimulation and a seamless design to tie in beautifully with most home nurseries.

6. ZAZU Nightlight Lou

Baby Bed Lights

Rather than navigate your way to your baby’s room in darkness, why not invest in a cute nightlight both you and baby will love? This ZAZU Nightlight Lou is a gorgeous accompaniment to any nursery while being functional at the same time. It lights up when baby wakes up during the night, can automatically shut off with a timer, has adjustable brightness and has two light options as well. It’s also available in blue or pink to suit your nursery colour scheme.

7. Whoozit Orbit Teether

Baby Teething Toys

Every parent of a baby knows the challenges of a restless baby who’s teething. Let this vibrant teether take all the pressure off you by being a means of support for your baby. This Whoozit Orbit Teether will not only appeal to your baby’s visual senses but their painful gums as well.

It features four different teething attachments, various textures for babies to enjoy, and is travel-sized for mum and dad’s convenience. What’s more, it’s both easy for babies to grip and to gnaw and will become a firm favourite with your little one in no time.

We hope you enjoyed our pick of baby products. Feel free to share your experience of baby products or baby 'must have' products below.

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