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Daycare Furniture


Children’s Daycare Furniture Made from Wood

Are you running a day care, or do you have a large backyard or children's play area where you would like to dedicate the complete area to your child or children with daycare furniture?

Daycare Furniture

We stock an extensive range of the highest quality toys, tables and chairs, trains sets, Tepees, colourful wooden storage trucks, balance bikes and more to transform your child or children’s existence to a fun, exciting and busy experience.

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If you are a parent, you know well how easy, children are distracted when they are not stimulated. Having the correct furnishings, toys, and bicycles made from durable trusted wood puts your mind at ease when you see your children hard at play. One of the most appreciated and pleasurable items you could by both boys and girls is a Teepee. Ranging in many different styles it also has an additional option of bright, child size cushions for your children's comfort inside their hut, tent, or palace.

Available in a large variety of cheerful colours, there would be one to suit your child’s personality. Boys love to play pretend cowboy while your little princess have her little “house”. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is manufactured from durable cotton canvas consisting of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, making it an ideal washable material.

The range of daycare furniture extends to the Mocka Block Trolley and what child does not love playing with blocks? Wooden blocks inside a wooden trolley with a pushable handles, you will soon find your pets and children's dolls and more being pushed around in the sturdy wooden trolley. Other great toys to add to your children’s collection of toys include a Mocha Kids easel with a tray. Children can draw their favourite cartoons or car, whatever their little heart’s desire, wipe the board clean and start yet again.

One of the best options you as a parent cannot go wrong with is the latest craze all children should have to encourage confidence and coordination is a balance bike. The children's daycare furniture balance bikes available for both boys and girls are also exceptional n the fact that it is made from wood. These bikes range in size and height and suitable for children from age two and up, although some parents also have their children as young as 18-months running with the bike when they can reach the ground with their feet.

A balance bike is the best method to teach a young child as soon as they can walk to ride a bike. These wooden balance bikes or push-bikes as some people refer to it gives a child great control. Once they reach the desired speed, and they gained confidence, they can lift their feet, thus encourage their balance, and significantly boost confidence.

Click here for the full range of daycare furniture.

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