Starting Solids – When is the Best Time to Start? –


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Starting Solids – When is the Best Time to Start?


Starting Solids – When is the Best Time to Start?

So, your thinking about starting solids but unsure when is the best time to start...

Prepare for your house to be no longer clean. It’s amazing how far a little person can fling a bowl of yoghurt.

All babies are different but normally start to show signs they are ready for solids between 4 and 6 months. Before this breast milk or formula is enough for your baby.

With my first baby I waited until 6 months before introducing solids, one puréed vegetable at a time. I also spoon-fed him to avoid any mess on him, the high chair and my floors. Looking back it could explain why at 7 years old he still hates messy things on him and around him (including his two brothers). I used to wipe him clean after each mouthful and he was my only baby to gag on most foods.

I enjoyed the second and 3rd time around so much more. I was way more relaxed. I made beautiful home-made baby food with 3 and 4 ingredients that were eagerly gobbled up (no gagging). I didn't even purée the food, just mashed it with a fork. They were both so much more adventurous and still are with food and life in general.

I let them both feed themselves from a very young age, partly due to having other things to occupy my time like running around after a toddler and running a business. Letting them both self wean I've noticed they have never been clean (ever) but mainly they will always try new things and both have very healthy appetites.

  • Hot tip for starting solids – Relax, enjoy and be prepared for lots of mess and always take photos! – They will be older at some stage and bringing out these photos at a 21st will be the best revenge.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Pieces of Raw carrot and apple
  • Nuts
  • Whole Grapes
  • Fish or meat with small bones
  • Sweets

Signs your baby may be ready for solids:

  • Opens her mouth if you offer a spoonful of food
  • Has good head control and sits up well
  • Night time waking, may be a sign she is hungry
  • Shows interest in what you are eating

Foods to try:

  • Mashed Avocado and Banana
  • Rice cereal mixed with yoghurt
  • Mashed Sweet potato
  • Cooked apple or pear mashed

Finger foods to try:

  • Cooked carrot sticks (soft)
  • Marmite on toast cut into fingers (whole meal bread is great)
  • Banana (They love squeezing in through their fingers)
  • Don’t give too much banana as it can make them constipated.

Good luck with starting solids.  Remember have patience and you will breeze through.

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