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7 Simple Tips for an Early Rising Baby


7 Simple Tips for an Early Rising Baby

7 Simple Tips for an Early Rising Baby

Talk to any parent of young children and sleep or lack of normally comes up in the conversation.  One topic that always seems to manifest itself 'do you have an early rising baby?'.

No need for an alarm clock in our house. In fact, I'm pretty sure we haven’t used one in over 7 years. Our youngest son who turns two this month has always been a great sleeper. He’s in bed between 7-7.30 pm and always sleeps for at least 2 hours every day.

Lately (3 weeks to be exact) he’s been waking at 5 am on the dot, yelling at the top of his lungs until I drag myself out of bed to avoid him waking the rest of the house up.

I've done all the usual checks:

Is he too cold? - Pretty sure he isn't cold as we live in Brisbane and it rarely drops below 20 degrees over night during summer.

Does he have a wet nappy? - He doesn't have a bottle before bed so he is waking up with a dry nappy, so it’s not that.

Is his room too light in the mornings? - His room is the darkest room in the house, so I know it’s not the light waking him up.

I know the cause of his early rising, but I can’t bring myself to say the words. I need to cut his day sleep…

Yes, it’s that moment in time every parent dreads that has a busy toddler. I must drop the day sleep I so look forward to every day. My precious two hours of pure bliss and silence. My ‘me time’. This is the time I answer as many emails as possible, fulfil all my orders like a crazy mad woman, fold or iron the mountains of washing, feed myself, tidy up the chaos left behind by the mini army that I have willingly created.  And sometimes, yes sometimes he will over sleep and allow me to watch Ellen.

I get so much done in 120 minutes (yes I count every glorious minute) that the thought of losing that ‘break’ is almost too much to comprehend.

Is it worth it? Will it benefit us as a family?

On second thoughts I may just leave this milestone for another few months…at least. Suddenly the early mornings don’t seem too bad considering the alternative.  And hey that’s what husbands are for!

7 Simple Tips for an Early Rising Baby:

  1. Firstly check their room isn't too light. You could invest in some blackout blinds.
  1. Try and restrict fluids just before bedtime, small sips of water are OK. They could be waking due to a wet nappy.
  1. Try leaving them to self-settle, unless they sound distressed.
  1. Get up and start your day, if they've been asleep for over 10 hours they may be hungry.
  1. Are they cold? Check they have the appropriate sleepwear for the conditions.
  1. Cut their day sleep down from 2 hours to 40 minutes. It may be tough at first but quite often they only need a nap at this age. You could try cutting it out completely.
  1. Spend lots of time outdoors keeping them physically active (this is also good for your mental well-being)

*Note experimented with waking him after 1 hour of his day sleep (much to his absolute disgust) and he woke up 20 minutes earlier at 5.07 am…arrrggggg!

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