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Kids Teething Necklace Amber


Kids Teething Necklace Amber

Kids Teething Necklace Amber

What are Kids Teething Necklace Amber?

You could have seen infants and young children wearing attractive necklaces and wrote it off as good fashionable taste from the mother. However, what this article looks at has nothing to do about fashionable accessories for kids, but specifically the use of those accessories. Amber teething necklaces are worn for remedial purposes and if you think it is all hype, read more.

All parents and mothers are familiar painful process their young undergo when infants start cutting teeth, and it is a painful process on both baby and mother alike. Gels, ointments, and tablets once they are bigger are common uses for teething kids, but one of the oldest methods to eliminate teething is amber. Amber teething necklaces worn around the neck are not meant to be chewed on, instead worn around the neck even before babies even start teething.

Appropriate length and wear

The kid teething necklace amber is worn around the neck and worn against the skin as it relieves the pain associated with teething. The appropriate length of amber kids teething necklaces is 32cm as this ensures that children cannot reach it to put it into their mouths to chew on. The use of Baltic amber was traditionally used as teething remedy and worn by mothers who carried infants against them.

Natural Analgesic Properties

Research and studies proved that amber contains and is a natural analgesic and by wearing it against the skin, it releases natural healing oils in keeping young children and small babies relaxed and calm throughout their teething period. Amber is fossilized sap from trees dating back to the prehistoric era and with natural anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties. Therefore is it ideal a homoeopathic product for kids as natural pain reliever, immune booster, and faster healing.

Appropriate Age to Wear Amber Teething Necklace

There is no specific age group; however, many babies starts teething from around three months up to two years when they usually stop teething. The recommended age is therefore around three months and even younger as it contains such powerful healing properties that parents who uses it at younger ages than three months report calm and relaxed babies. The younger the baby is when it starts wearing it, means it becomes natural to them and part of them and they are so used to it being there that they pay no attention to it and will not attempt to pull on it etc.


It is specifically designed with babies in mind, therefore safe and durable. Each bead is individually hand knotted for beads to remain intact regardless of what happens. It designed to break when force is applied as a safety feature.

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