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Amber Baby Bracelets


Amber Baby Bracelets

Amber Baby Bracelets

Baby jewellery is not a commonly used term, however if it is ever used it is used as reference to baby bracelets. These baby bracelets are particularly popular as baby shower gift to expectant mothers. It is also well received as christening gift from godparents and grandparents and more often than not is it passed down as family heirloom. The reason why baby bracelets are the most popular choice is the fact that if chosen well, it can be adjusted according to the babies’ hand and wrist a he or she grows older. Baby jewellery never includes a necklace and one of the safest options for baby wear.

Amber Baby Bracelet Selections

Typical circular gold and sterling bracelets are engraved with baby names; charm bracelets are equally adorable with adding charms that marks significant stages in the child’s life. Birthstone bracelets, pearl bracelets and more makes selecting your precious gift easy with thousands of various beautiful pieces for babies.

Baltic Amber Baby Bracelets

baby bracelets

For those parents looking for something special, natural, that turns heads, Baltic amber baby bracelets are one such item.  Not only do they look stunning they are helpful with childrens teething pain as well.  Baltic amber is over 40 million years old and worn against the skin has a calming effect on children.  View the range of baby bracelets here.

Bracelet Sizes

Giving a baby a bracelet as gift is probably mostly to do with size and it depends when you want to give it. Buying a bracelet before the baby is even born; it is obvious that it should be an adjustable bracelet. Newborn babies usually comfortably wear a bracelet of around four inches, for the first months after birth. Larger babies on the other hand wears a five-inch bracelet more comfortably. If you buy it as gift, it is a great method to measure the baby’s wrist and add half of an inch to it. Therefore is the adjustability of the bracelet a very important factor to consider, as you need the bracelet to extend should it not fit initially or later in life if you want the baby to continue using it during toddler stages. You would often find a young child still wearing the same baby bracelet and it all depends on the initial purchase. Baby bracelets that is five-inches and has an extender chain is one of the best options to go for as that size can even be still suitable when the child goes to grade school.

 Baby Bracelet Safety

Parents worried about the safety it could pose to babies have no fear. Baby bracelets are all designed hypo-allergenic in preventing irritation to the supreme delicacy of baby skins. Charms that are designed for baby bracelets are tightly woven with no possibility of falling off or falling apart and accidentally swallowed by babies. You similarly will find baby jewellery and baby bracelets all have extremely safe clasps.

View our range of baby bracelets here

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