Kids Furniture to Foster Your Child’s Independence –


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Kids Furniture to Foster Your Child’s Independence


Kids Furniture to Foster Your Child’s Independence

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Kids’ furniture is more than just miniature adult furniture. It is a place that children can call their own, that they can use independently, and where they can invite adults into their space. Children need to be able to foster their independence and by having kids’ furniture available to them; they can do exactly that.

Kids want to be able to do things themselves. Anyone that has ever had children knows the words “No, me do it!” We want to encourage our kids to pick up their toys when they are finished playing with them, we want them to be able to make their bed, and to decide on their own what activities they may want to do by making things easy for them to reach.

It seems that there is never enough storage space for all the toys, games, learning tools, art supplies, books, little treasures, etc.., so you'll want to make sure you have plenty of kids’ storage furniture in your child's room or any room where they play with their toys.

  • Toy Chests are a great way to store things. Make sure that if they have hinged lids that they have spring-loaded supports that will prevent the lid from slamming shut. They should have support holds that will keep the lid open in any position. They should be ventilated, and contain no locking mechanism. Some other options in kids’ furniture may be open chests, bins, or containers with removable lids or baskets.
  • Bookcase, Dresser, or Nightstands are another option for kids’ furniture storage. You want to look to see that the drawers have automatic stops to prevent the drawers from pulling out onto the floor. Make sure that they are secured to the wall with tip-restraints to prevent toppling, because you know your little one is going to stand on the pulled out drawers! Back panels should be attached with screws instead of nails or staples, and screws should be tight and unexposed. There should be no locking devices because if there is way to lock it; your child will find it! And if at all possible, shelf supports should be attached with screws instead of pins, because screws are less likely to become loose.

When preparing to purchase kids’ furniture, make sure that it is functional, safe, and reasonably priced, and then have some fun with picking out fun colors, designs or themes!

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