Ladder Shelf: a Step up to Contemporary Style –


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Ladder Shelf: a Step up to Contemporary Style

Ladder Shelf: a Step up to Contemporary Style
Ladder Shelf

If you are looking to add some practical, contemporary style to your home, you may want to consider adding a ladder shelf to your environment.

A ladder shelf is so versatile that you can literally put it in any room of your house, the terrace, or on the patio! It can make a unique flower stand, use it to house your herb garden, or showcase your book collection.

  • Kid’s Room - the ladder shelf can be a great place to store your child’s books or CD’s, stuffed animals, games, and art supplies. You can use it to store diapers, wipes, and even blankets or bibs. Baskets filled with just about anything can adorn the shelves and still look stylish while serving a more practical purpose. Just make sure that if you place one in your child’s room that you have it secured to the wall, because we all know that a ladder, especially to a child, is an invitation to climb!
  • Living Room – the ladder shelf can serve as the focal point in your living area, den, or guest bedroom, but it is also slim enough to be placed in a corner or in a more remote area. The ladder shelf is so beautiful and stylish that you certainly will want to show it off to everyone that comes to your home! You can use it to display framed pictures, antiques, novelty items, books, magazines, candles, baskets, and even blankets if you desire.
  • Bathroom – the ladder shelf will bring a contemporary look and feel to your bathroom. Use it to display hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths. Place it by sunlight and add a potted plant to add warmth and comfort. Keep extra rolls of tissue paper and Kleenex in a basket or set a clock or radio on it! You may even keep some hand lotions for your guests to use!

Most people complain that they never have enough storage space, so get a ladder shelf for your home, and not only will you help alleviate the storage problem, but you can do it in a way that will be stylish and practical. The ladder shelf can be used in so many different ways in almost every room of your home and outside that you won’t run out of ideas on ways to use it!

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