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Childrens Cube Storage Units


Children's Cube Storage Units

Childrens Cube Storage Units

Every parent knows that picking up after children isn't the easiest task and getting them to put their toys away once they're done playing can be difficult. One of the best solutions to keep your home and bedrooms organized is with children's cube storage units. They're a fun and visually aesthetic way to brighten up the home as well as help teach kids to put their toys away.

Where do I get a children's cube storage unit? 

Children's cube storage units from have the option to add fabric boxes to the empty cube spaces.  This can be a great addition and can be used to fill with  

How can I stack and design the cubes?

The fun of children's cube storage units is that they can be placed in so many different ways. They can be stacked atop one another in a bookshelf format or side-to-side. Some cubes can be stacked in an L shape, and others may like the cubes to be lower to the ground so that children can better reach them.

Once you have your layout, it's simple to stack the cubes and then teach your child to put their toys away. Making a game out of clean-up, such as asking them to place their toys in certain cubes, or to see how fast they can fill the cube, will help the child remember and learn to put their things away.

Child Safe

Rounded corners make the units very toddler friendly.  The door panels are closable with magnets meaning older brothers or sisters can keep some of their smaller toys safely in these cubes without the need to hide them up high. 

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