Christmas is Coming (Part 2 - Toddlers)

Christmas is Coming (Part 2 - Toddlers)

As the year is coming to an end and Christmas is less than 5 weeks away (so soon!), we at realise that inspiration for gifts for you favourite little people might be useful. Whilst we have spent months trying to find inspirational and perfect gifts, now we're going to share our favourite toddler gifts with you.

Toddler Gifts

As we're coming in to Summer, it's hard to go past the Pirate Sand and Water Table for fantastic outside and water play. This table will provide hours of fun measuring and pouring, getting wet and cooling down.

Another brilliant outdoor toy is the Rigo Kids Balance Bike which is a great way for kids to start learning to balance on two wheels. This bike is sturdy and practical with an adjustable seat height so that it can grow with your toddler.

For toddlers, my favourite toy is the incredibly simple Stack 'n Nest Cups. These are great for development - learning how all the sizes fit together and stack on top of one another. They can also be used in the bath or at the beach. My son used to love these - he would stack them up, then knock them over, laughing away as the cups crashed to the ground. Awesome value!

Also great for a toddler's development is the super gorgeous Maggy Shape Sorter which helps toddlers identify shapes and colours. The easy to open back will allow you toddler to get the pieces back and start over again.


Dino's Garage by Le Toy Van packed with loads of extra features to keep your toddler amused. It has 3 storeys, an elevator, petrol pump, spiral ramp and comes with 1 car.

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