Christmas is Coming (Part 1 - Infants)

Christmas is Coming (Part 1 - Infants)

We here at can't believe how quickly this year is flying by and it is now only 5 weeks to Christmas (aaargh)! We can tell you that we have been out there searching for some awesome new items for you, so that you can find that something special to give your favourite little people (and we think we've nailed it)!

Gifts for Infants

The Kambah Baby Rocker and Tambo Baby Rocker will make fantastic gifts and are excellent value at just $69.95. The Baby Rocker is one of my Essential Items for an infant, as it gives you a comfy and safe place to put your baby whilst keeping your hands free to get on with all those other things you need to do (eat lunch, fold those cute little baby clothes).


My kids have covered their beds in soft toys and are of the view that you can NEVER have too many soft toys. So if you're little one is in need of another soft toy, look no further than Ziggie and Goldie by Lanky Cats - so soft and cuddly!

Finally, another of my Essential Items for an infant - the play gym and play mat. Yes, you can have one without the other, but together they are the best! We at are currently loving the Bumbo Safari Play Gym because it is so versatile and can be used even after your baby is sitting.


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