The Change Table That Grows With Your Child

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Change Table

The Brooklyn Change Table and Drawer set is the one must-have item for your new nursery. There are specific essentials that would complete your changing station, or it would be worthless to you. After all, you want to lay your baby down and not leave him or her there as you began searching in the bathroom for baby wipes or nappies.

It has to have open compartments, which are perfect to store:

  • baby nappies
  • bum creams
  • wipes and other essentials

In addition, two deep drawers for storing baby clothing, towels and more. With it simplistic design you will have years of use out of it as it converts to a drawer set for young toddlers and as your child grows, even until their teens as there are ample storage for underwear, books and more for a teenager.

The change table is rather worthless to you if you do not have all the essentials in one of your drawers or cabinets. Your number one essential is obviously nappies as this is where you will be doing over 90 percent of your changes. Another essential is baby wipes, as many as possible and if possible.

Baby bum cream has to be one of the handy essentials, as well as some Lanolin or Jojoba oil, or whatever brand or manufacturers you prefer with your precious bundle’s bum. Q-tips to clean between the folds on chubby cheeks and leg folds, which tend to get cheesy because of cream and baby powder.

Cleaning that little nose will require a small thin syringe if you don’t want to use Q-tips, especially if your baby is still young and you want to make things easier for both yourself and baby.

Clothes are obviously also stored either in the change table or brought closer before you lay your baby down. Wash-cloths to wipe babies face and to give him or her wipe down must also be close and handy. Another brilliant idea is to have an overhead hanging mobile for your baby to distract himself and by doing, this your baby would not mind if you were taking longer than usual.

When you do your shopping for baby furniture keep in mind that your little bundle grows up to be a squirming older baby, therefore is sturdy materials such as wood the preferred choice most parents opt for. Tables must be able to hold the baby as he or she grows, and moreover be capable of use when they have outgrown the use of a changing table. This is where parents make the wise choice and buy a table that doubles up than more than just a changing table.

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