7 Tips on How to Survive the Terrible Two’s

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7 Tips on How to Survive the Terrible Two’s

7 Tips on How to Survive the Terrible Two’s

Not all children have tantrums and behave in ways that can make even the calmest of mums (and dads) question their own parenting skills and sanity.

My first son is cautious, calm and easy to discipline as he rarely does anything wrong. My middle son has had his moments, one particular time he decided it would be a good idea to lay down in the middle of the shopping center yelling for me to pick him up. Very loudly I might add while kicking his shoes off narrowly missing peoples heads.

I must have had a really good strong coffee that day as it didn’t faze me one bit. I calmly walked away with his brothers and after a while he sheepishly got up and followed us.

Win, win to me.

Then you get that one child who people often make references to on a daily basis.

“Oh, he must keep you busy”

“He’s full of energy isn't he?

“You must be very fit running around after him all day”

It’s a nice way of saying that child’s a wild one.

The thing with two year olds, they aren't designed to sit still at the Doctors or walk calmly to and from school pick-ups. They want to run everywhere while touching everything they pass. Opening doors, running up ramps, throwing stones, running sticks along fences, throwing off their hats and shoes (normally when walking across the zebra crossing).

I for one love the energy a two year old brings to the family. I think I've decided to embrace the mini, mental, inquisitive, loud, funny, stubborn, headstrong toddler for what he is. It’s made things a lot easier now that I'm not trying to make him act like his older brothers and let him simply be a two year old.

Enjoy the fun times and if that doesn't work there’s always wine. :)

7 Tips to survive the terrible two’s:

  1. Don’t try and do a big supermarket shop with a two year old that is tired and due his afternoon sleep. You are asking for the biggest melt down over the smallest of things. (Like his muesli bar broke in two)
  2. Always carry snacks and water. Things like small packets of sultanas are great as they take ages picking one at a time.
  3. As hard as it sounds, try and ignore the tantrum. The more stressed out you get the more angry and upset they will become.
  4. Try and stay calm. It is hard when you are in the middle of the supermarket and everyone is looking but most people are sympathizing and not judging. They’ve all been there themselves.
  5. Try and understand where they are coming from. They don’t understand why they can’t have the perfectly placed lolli pops and chocolate bars at the check out. Distraction method works great here.
  6. Do lots of fun, out door activities. Most toddlers only get grumpy when they are bored. Set up different play stations at home to keep them interested.
  7. Watch for the classic tired and hungry signs. Get in there first before they have a chance to have an explosion.

And remember it only lasts a year then you get to the fantastic threes.

Good luck :)

About the author - Lorna Marquet is the owner and director of GummyBabies.com.au and has 3 boys 7,5 and 2

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