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Wooden High Chair


Wooden High Chair

 Wooden High Chair

A wooden high chair comes in various shapes and many different features, but one thing is certain they are all made with high quality wood with detailed design in keeping every and all babies safe and comfortable. It is the perfect way of feeding young babies who are able to sit on their own when they first start eating, to place them in their own chair at the table. It is also perfect for older young children who wants to feed themselves and sit in with the rest of the family at dinner times. It is the perfect option in bringing little children into the heart of the family by allowing them their own little big chair in the heart of family life, dinner times.

Common features a quality wooden high chair should have:

  • Solid wooden structure
  • Comfortable seating for little ones for feeding times
  • Large tray that fold behind the seat for convenient storage and easer to seat little ones
  • Convenient safety harness to keep small children in place as they wriggle around
  • Easy to put little ones in and take them out
  • Comfortable back seat
  • Exceptionally sturdy basis to avoid tipping
  • Height adjustments

Some wooden high chairs have additional features such as adaptability and convertibility. These revolutionary types wooden high chairs grows with young babies as they grow into toddlers and then grow on to become young children going to school. Because durable sturdy wood is used, these chairs literally last a lifetime. The adjustability function some wooden high chairs have add to the money saving and durability of the chair as it transforms from high chair to toddler chair to children’s chair. Several models and manufacturers also incorporate seating and footplate options to be changed according to the growth and sizes of children as they grow. The depth and height of the seats and feet rests are adjusted for comfort and ergonomic seating position regardless of size and age.

Wooden High Chair

High quality durable wood is used in wooden high chairs, as manufacturers know the abuse these chairs have to withstand. During early months when you feed your child seated in the high chair, a simple wipe will be sufficient. When babies start feeding themselves it is often required that the chair be wiped from top to bottom. Small children banging bowls and spoons against the chair and the tray and the continuous mess that comes with self-feeding makes a wooden high chair one of the most wiped items of furniture in your home.

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