Kids Activity Table: Let the Activities Begin

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Kids Activity Table: Let the Activities Begin

kids activity table

Let’s face it-kids are active creatures that will find things to keep them busy even if it involves activities that are not necessarily deemed appropriate or acceptable. If we can direct their attention to a certain area that will allow them to express their creativity without damaging or harming anyone or anything, why wouldn't we?

Kids love furniture! They love to jump on it, climb on it, crawl under it, hide behind it, and hide inside of it if they can. And just when you think, they have discovered everything there is to do with your furniture, they surprise you with something else that you would have never thought of! Because kids use furniture for play as well as sleeping, sitting, working, and storing their stuff, it is important that it can withstand the active child test.

  • Kids enjoy having their own stuff and their own space, so providing them with their very own kids ‘activity table that they can plan and carry out their chosen activities on will provide a less tense environment for everyone. We've all held our breath as our toddler marched around the house carrying a crayon in hand!
  • A Kids’ table will provide them with a space to call their own. You can set the expectation for the area, and with a quality wooden table that is easy to clean up --bring out the crayons and the shaving cream! Look for a kids’ activity table that has a smooth finish that is washable, easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • For safety purposes: the table should have no exposed hardware like nuts, bolts or nails sticking out. It should be stable when shaken back and forth, and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your child, because chances are high that it will be under the child at some point. All edges should be rounded off instead of squared.

Engaging in activities with your child should be fun and not stressful. You should not have to worry about damaging a surface or worrying about how you’re going to clean the crayon off the table top.  Invest in a kids’ activity table where you can relax and have fun without worrying about your dining room table or your kitchen counters. Let the activities begin!

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