Childrens Tables And Chairs

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childrens tables and chairs

Childrens Tables and Chairs

Those of us who grew up having a childrens table and chairs set would know how much fun they were – sitting with other siblings or friends on the childrens table while the adults sat at the adults table. It made meal times so much more fun - and you felt a bit special!

If you’re considering buying childrens table and chairs set for your little one(s), here are 4 great reasons why you should – as well as some highly beneficial reasons to choose a wooden set over plastic.

Why Buy A Childrens Table and Chairs Set?

  1. Fosters Independence

Children who have their own, kiddy-sized table and chairs feel a sense of independence when they have furniture their own size that is easier to manage than grown up sized furniture.

  1. Perfect For Both Meal Times and Playtime

A childrens table and chairs set can be used for both playtime and meals.

Even for a snack or a drink, teaching them to sit down while eating is so much easier when they can manage the size of the furniture.

Craft time is so much more fun when you can mash playdough at your own height too!

One of the best things for mum and dad is that they are so quick and easy to clean.

  1. Cuteness! 

You have to admit; childrens table and chairs sets look adorable! In a living area, bedroom or outdoors, a well-designed and manufactured kids table and chairs set has a major cuteness factor. Capturing memorable photos is so, so easy.

  1. Promotes Imaginative Play

So many childrens toys these days are electronic and highly overstimulating, resulting in kids who are growing up easily distracted and have problems concentrating. Fostering creative, independent play away from screens is so important for your childrens health and wellbeing.

Childrens Tables and Chairs Have Benefits Of Their Own

All of our table and chairs sets are wooden, and the benefits are many, including:

  • Better for the environment. Plastics require resources to manufacture then take hundreds of years to degrade.
  • Less toxic than plastics. Wooden childrens tables and chairs are much less toxic than chemically made plastics. No nasty phtalates or BPA.
  • Longevity. Wooden table and chairs tend to last so much longer than plastic ones, without losing their appeal. They can be passed on to siblings or other families, or even resold for a higher value than a flimsy plastic product.
  • Stronger and sturdier. Wooden table and chairs sets tend to be much stronger and sturdier than plastic sets, potentially resulting in fewer accidents.

Check out our range of adorable wooden table and chairs sets here.




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